Fighting Arcade Game

Double Dragon, first released in 1987, is a classic arcade beat 'em up game that helped define the genre. Download it Now!


Get to know the latest Features of Double Dragon Neo Geo Game

Side-Scrolling Beat 'Em Up

Side-Scrolling Action

Players navigate through linear, side-scrolling stages, defeating waves of enemies using martial arts combat and weapons. The camera moves rightward automatically, adding a sense of urgency and momentum to the gameplay.

Two-Player Action

Cooperative or Competitive Multiplayer

Double Dragon shines with its two-player mode, allowing friends to team up against enemies or battle each other in a friendly brawl. This adds replayability and social interaction to the experience.

Martial Arts Mayhem

Varied Martial Arts Combat

Players master various punches, kicks, throws, and grapple moves to disarm, stun, and defeat enemies. This creates a satisfyingly deep combat system that rewards timing and skill.

Improvised Arsenal

Weapon-Based Attacks

Players can strategically utilize improvised weapons like knives, nunchaku, and bottles to gain an upper hand against enemies, adding variety and tactical depth to combat.

Hidden Treasures

Power-Ups and Secrets

Scattered throughout the stages are power-ups that enhance strength, speed, and special moves. Hidden areas also offer bonus lives and extra goodies, rewarding exploration and attentive gameplay.

Test of Might

Challenging Boss Battles

Each stage ends with a unique boss fight, requiring players to adapt their tactics and utilize their skills to overcome formidable opponents. These encounters add excitement and provide a significant sense of accomplishment upon victory.

Progressive Difficulty

Escalating Challenge

As players progress through the stages, the difficulty gradually increases with tougher enemies, more complex level layouts, and faster pacing. This keeps the gameplay engaging and offers a steady learning curve.

Retro Aesthetic

Pixelated Art Style

The classic pixelated graphics and vibrant colors evoke a nostalgic charm, reminiscent of the golden age of arcade games. This adds to the game's timeless appeal and resonates with retro enthusiasts.

Pumping Beats

Memorable Soundtrack

The catchy and energetic soundtrack adds to the atmosphere and excitement of the gameplay. The iconic theme song remains a nostalgic earworm for many players.

Legacy and Influence

Beat 'Em Up Pioneer

Double Dragon is considered a pioneer of the beat 'em up genre, influencing countless games that followed its formula. Its legacy lies in its innovative gameplay, cooperative aspect, and iconic characters, forever establishing its place in video game history.

Fighting Arcade Game

Double Dragon, first released in 1987, is a classic arcade beat 'em up game that helped define the genre. Download it Now!